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29 August
I'm a bully. :T I have a short temper, I get headaches easily (which makes me pissed off), I'm picky about what I eat, but not really who I'm eating after (if you have a disease, stay away. If you have a cold, I don't care). I'm a grammar nazi, failure to be able to write a decent research paper equals ranting & lots of red marks, but I don't mind if you're texting or on chat or something. I dislike ignorant people & teachers that don't know how to teach, & basically anybody who annoys me.

I love Arashi; they're the best band in the world, not for their music, but for their personality, no matter how real or fake they might be. Arashi is my life, & people get hurt when they criticize without knowing them.

I mainly like Japanese things, because I'm a Japanese kind of girl, & really, I don't think that'll ever change. I want to move to Japan after college, no matter how much my sister tries to change my mind, no matter how hard it may be. I'm currently teaching myself Japanese, because I won't be able to take classes until college, & why should I wait that long? I have 6 other languages to learn. Or 7. Or 8.

I have a lot of hobbies: reading, writing, playing video games, flailing, fishing, watching dramas & anime, acting a fool with my friends, jamming to music, taking pictures of things other than myself (though I'll do that too, I guess), playing my clarinet, being a couch potato, shopping (especially for books or games, but clothes are okay too), coloring, coming up with new backup jobs. There's probably more than I can't remember too.

I like a large variety of music. I got into classical after joining the band in middle school (but my high school doesn't have one), & even more after watching Nodame Cantabile (the anime). The clarinet, the cello, & the piano are my favorite instruments, so Brahms' Clarinet Trios have been like paradise for my ears. Rock music seemed to be a middle school phase, because the only bands I still listen to now are Coheed & Cambria & 30 Seconds to Mars. Arashi brought me into the Jpop world through WISH & A.RA.SHI. But Super Junior brought me into the Kpop world with No Other. I only like rappers that sing real shit (though sometimes they have songs that ain't all that), & I don't listen to it a lot, so the only rappers I like are Eminem & Lupe Fiasco (not counting the foreign ones). I don't like too much autotune, so I tend not to like people like Ke$ha, but 2NE1 is acceptable; they're a mix of genres anyway.

I should probably stop this long bio of doom; I doubt people will read it anyway. If you did read this though, & you found me interesting in some way or form, you can add me as a friend, & maybe even talk to me sometimes. I always accept & always reply, because I tend to feel guilty if I don't.